Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Does the end come nigh?

I've queried about 50 agents/agencies thus far, and that process has run darn near out. There's just so many I can send to--correct genre, correct feel and match, etc.--before you turn to the last page of agent listings and find that you've hit them all. That time, apparently, is coming closer by the moment. Near as I can tell, there might be--at a maximum--10 more agents/agencies to hit up, then that's the end.

When the end comes, my book will be made available as a PDF on Kindle and Nook. The question is: what's a good price to point it at? My math works like this... there are 288 pages in the manuscript, and I figure if my book is worth once cent per page, that's $2.88. Which I see as fair. It's cheap enough that people shouldn't have an issue with a little expenditure of that level. But of course, that's in "manuscript format," which is different than normal printing. I'd have to reformat it a little, but still, a sub-three dollar price isn't all that bad.

I don't know. The whole process is swiftly closing on Memories of the Dead, and MINIMAL is in development currently, and I have to focus on the new when the old has shown its lack of "legs." We'll see what develops.

The fun never ends.

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