Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyone has a good idea for a book within them...

The question is my idea any good, and if so, can it get published?

The answer is, as of yet, a very solid "maybe."

See, the book is done, it took just over thirteen months to get it to completion. The title is Memories of the Dead, or at least, that's what I want to call it...who knows what other people (like an agent, or a publisher--neither of which do I have) will think of that title. [There's lots of books that start out named one thing, then are renamed--sometimes at the very last moment. For instance, Twilight. She wanted to call it, "Forks," which I think is a horribly, dreadful name. But, hey, it's her fiction, she can do what she likes!]

So, yeah. I have a manuscript (72000 words, thank you very much), yet I have no agent. That is step two...get agent. And that's where this tale sort of really begins.

To get an agent one sends them what are called "query letters," which is really just a sales pitch to them in hopes they'll bite and represent your work--your blood--to a publisher. Who in turn it is hoped will buy the book and print it...all the while paying you for the right to do so.

But, like I said, I am not there. I am still on step 2: get an agent. Bleh.

I've queried over 40 as of this writing. Yay. How many have written back? about half. How many had a desire to see the full manuscript? None.

Not a single one.

Now, this does not mean the book sucks, no; what it means is that they (the agent) thought the idea of my book was not for them. Fair enough, I will query a different agent, works for me--after all, there are TONS of agents out there, right?

Well, not really. There are plenty if you look at the whole, but if you weed out the ones that are not in the proper genre for you...the numbers can get decidedly slim. Bummer.

But I have a plan. I call it "Plan Z," and it's really simple: if I fail to get an agent, I will just go the Kindle route. Ebooks, that's the future, right?

Who knows...just like a book, sometimes you just have to make it up as you go.

My name is Phil, and this is the tale of me and my book and our adventures together trying to get published. Lets hope "Plan Z" is not my only hope.

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