Thursday, March 24, 2011

The list of queried agents

To date, here is the list of fine agents I've queried, in order:

Ginger Clark
Sarah LaPolla
Anna Webman
Kristin Nelson
Jenny Bent
Jessica Faust
Melissa Jeglinski
Jennifer Carlson
Shana Cohen
Andrea Somberg
Jennifer Cayea
Farley Chase
Adam Chromy
Michelle Grajkowski
Rachel Dowen
Josh Getzler
Samantha Shea
Ethan Ellenberg
Dorian Karchmar
Jennifer Jackson
Lucinda Blumenfeld
Kim Lionetti
Barbara Lowenstein
Daniel Lazar
Brian DeFiore
Matthew Bialer
John Silbersack
Faye Bender
Sara Crowe
Elyse Cheney
Tracey Adams
Michael Bourret
Joy Harris
Holly Root
Laura Dail
Nancy Coffey
Diana Finch
Russell Galen
Ellen C. Geiger
Barry Goldblatt
Janet Reid
Suzie Townsend
Peter Rubie

A sizable list, ain't it? And of this group, how many replied in any manner at all? Just about 46%. Let that sink in a wee bit. Less than half have replied. Now, to be fair, the last (Peter Rubie) was just queried, so it's a little early to say he's a "no show," but the rest...their excuse is, what exactly? Who knows. Looks to me that in order to get a reply you have to shotgun method them--send tons out and hope one hits. Hardly efficient.

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