Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trying something out. What do you think of this query?

Locarno didn't want to do anything other than study his sorcery and learn the lessons his grandfather was willing to teach. Obviously, he didn't want to stand by helplessly as people he cared about were being murdered. Absolutely, he did not want to have to take the role of hero or savior of mankind. Unwillingly, he became our only hope. Dies Irae, a secret society once part of the church, wants to destroy civilization. If they can reduce man to a state of barbarism they believe this will force God to disown the world. They believe that man is no longer worthy of redemption, and they want it all to fall away into chaos and death as God turns his back on his own creation. When Locarno undertakes a magical ritual found in an evil book that will enhance his occult powers and grant him eternal life he gains just the things he'll need to stand up against Dies Irae. But the process is flawed, his soul must be removed and placed in a fragile container of glass, easily destroyed. And his soul, possessed of a will of its own, wants nothing more than to be reunited with his body. If either of those things happen all his power and immortality will be lost, and Dies Irae will have nothing stopping them from reaching their goal.

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