Monday, May 23, 2011

Are books dying or dead?

You tell me, man...I only live here.


  1. Ah, no way, I can't imagine books ever being dead. It's a form of entertainment that's timeless and a staple of society :o)

  2. I would have to (mostly) agree with you. Books, in my opinion, are not going anywhere soon--they're just too nice. I love the feel of a book in's substantial, primal, physical, almost emotional. But I do see a time when digital is the driving, major force, for all publishing, and books are relegated to the connoisseur (like vinyl records are today.) They'll still be around, but prized by collectors and general lovers of the truly "printed word."

    It's all evolutionary.

    To me, though--and this is a wee bit off track--the most important thing is the writing, not the media. It's more important to get the story out there, into the hands of the reader, and I don't really mind how that happens--be it via print, or electronic (Nook, Kindle, or whatever.)

    Now, if only some kind agent will choose me... ;)