Monday, May 9, 2011

Konrath interview with Morrell (oldie but a goodie) in general is a damn good blog about self-publishing; but the link I just posted is an interview with David Morrell (seeing a pattern for today?) who talks about his Kindle exclusive novel, why he went there when there were publishers clamoring for it, and what he thinks of the whole "legacy publishing" (i.e.: paper publishing houses) business.

Read that. Hell, read everything Konrath says, then let it sink in. He makes POWERFUL arguments for e-publishing being the way to go and that just as sure that the dinosaurs petered out and went extinct, so too shall publishing houses--even the Big 6.

Do I agree? Yes and no. It depends on a lot of variables that are still up in the air, but regardless--you simply cannot poo-poo his opinion away when his thoughts are well researched, cogent, and probably the direction things will eventually go.

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