Thursday, May 26, 2011

The magic number

I now know the "magic number" of queries (maximum) I will put out for book #1.


I'm getting kind of close, and that worries me a little; but at one point I have to say, "OK, now it's time to step back and move on." I could spend years querying if I don't, and that's a bad thing. First-time novelists rarely get their first book published, so I'm in grand company.

Once the last query goes out, that's it. We move to "Plan B", and when that fails, there's "Plan Z".

Might even give the thing away for never know.

But at 100, I move on and call the whole adventure of "Memories of the Dead" complete--and focus all my time on "MINIMAL", and the stories that come after. I'm ok with that. I have to be, I can't wait around forever, after all, on a manuscript that might be destined for not-so-great things.

It's evolve or die, I prefer to evolve. So, here's to 100, let's hope that before we get there an agent says the most magical word of all: yes.

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