Friday, May 13, 2011

Newest Query idea (again!)

Locarno is a sorcerous prodigy, and he knows it. As one so gifted, he has an all-consuming desire for knowledge--including the forbidden arts, which he's certain he can handle. When a secret society wishes to destroy civilization, he alone can intervene. To defeat them, Locarno uses a forbidden ritual that grants him immense power. But there is a cost: the loss of his soul. And he must remain strong enough to keep his soul from reuniting with his body, for if that happens, his new-found power will fade, and all is lost.

Rising from the grave as a king of death, he fights this depraved group, struggles against his soul's desire to reunite with his body, and becomes mankind's hope and protector. Forging headlong into battle against an ancient power, using his immense skill, driven onward by the power of his godlike will, he smashes down their plot of destruction and becomes Lord of the Dead.

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