Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The oddities of writing and the discipline needed

So, here I am roughly 33000 words into my newest "pre-alpha" story, and I have come to a crossroads: do I continue to tell the admittedly depressing tale, thereby showing I have the discipline to continue a project that isn't "fun"; or, do I piddle back and forth with it and a few other ideas I have floating around in my noggin?

Difficult to say what the correct answer is. It doesn't really matter, I suppose, since all the stories will be told eventually...but I am not much of a multi-taker, and I cannot guarantee that any of the stories would ever see completion if I didn't "hunker down" and finish them one-by-one. The problem is, the book I'm working on right now is sort of depressing. I knew it would be, after all, you can't really be chipper and upbeat about a guy who is surgically dismantling someone against their will. I'm thinking, if nothing else, I need to stick it out and finish the book--if for no other person than for myself.

An exercise in writing discipline, I figure. The bummer is, I have this (hopefully) great fantasy story idea that I'd like to get to. I just hope I remember it when I'm done with MINIMAL. (I tend to not take notes, either; so it's possible it will get lost in my muddled mind along the way. Yes, I know...I'm weird.)

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