Monday, June 13, 2011

X-Men: First Class

This last weekend, I managed to take in the new X-Men movie, and I liked it.

Yarr, there be some spoilers ahead, matey!

Telling how everyone at the beginning came together is nice, and you end up doing that when something like this happens, and with previous X-Men movies having broken the comic entirely (they couldn't just follow what the creators did in the issues--they always have to play around with it), they took one of the more interesting villains, Mystique, and brought her along for the ride. Her retconned history makes her pretty old, so this works. I have no beef with the movie's story-telling.

The pace was pretty brisk, considering. They could have went the dull way around and taken a lot of time with exposition, and I'm glad they didn't. I still think X-Men would be a great TV series--if they did the effects right. There's a WHOLE LOT THERE they can play with, and it would be light-years better than anything on TV now.

But I have to say this, or I would not be honest. I think Banshee is a lame character. Sorry, but that's how it is. He's stupid. But I knew he wouldn't get killed because he's a main-stay character of the franchise. Bummer really.

The cameo of Wolverine was fun. Good to see. Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw was fun--I never expect him as the bad guy, so that worked out great, if you ask me.

Emma Frost--aka, "The White Queen"-- was boring and seemed tacked on, like she was just there for cleavage. Meh.

I was hoping the "Angel" of the story was actually going to be "Wasp," but such is life. She ended up going evil anyway, so good riddance.

There's rumors of a sequel happening. Be fun to see. I recommend you all go to see X-Men: First Class for a matinee, get the drink and popcorn, and sit back for some fun.

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