Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I wish...

I wish I had the ability to know if what I'm writing is worth something to someone other than myself. I write, and I enjoy it, but I'd love to know if it's really worth something--such as a person's time and energy to read. Or am I just a dude, sitting around, writing stuff that nobody (other than me) will ever care about? It would be handy to know, and I have no idea how the truth would change my mentality about writing.


  1. I think what gets me through moments like this is just the story. I ask myself, "Does this story need to be told? Does it beg to be written?" And the answer is always yes. So I figure, if the story needs to be written, someone out there needs to read it. :)

  2. For me, a little of the writing I do is because I'm sort of afraid that if I don't write them down, I might lose them.

    I can't say if my stories are worth someone's time. Maybe they are, maybe not. That's for them to decide, I just wish I knew.