Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Paragraph story

You may not know that over at there's a "sub-reddit" called "OneParagraph," and what they do is ask you (the reader) to submit one paragraph stories--and others there will comment on them. Yesterday, I found that neat little sub-reddit and posted the following:

A penny dropped is a penny lost. But when it rolls into the sewer grate, that's when its real journey begins. Here, deep in the dark, dank, rank, and foul offal of society's underworld lives the Collector. At once a man, and yet no longer, he dwells beneath the city--collecting the detritus that is cast off by the "upper men" who don't know the value of their losses. And when a penny is found by him, it is carefully cleaned and placed into a giant, early-50s designed, copper patinaed mural of the city that hangs lonely and forgotten in the once used but now abandoned fall-out shelter, replacing the oxidized and destroyed flashing that once dominated the reinforced concrete entryway which serves as the Collector's home beneath the streets. Here he laments his loss of humanity and watches the masses pass by from the protected, self-inflicted cage of the sewer drains. The men above have passed him by, unknowing, as he watched--their bustling and rustling compelling and repulsive at the same time. Though he longed for the surface air, he could not--he dare not--return to his former life, for he vaguely remembered that terrible day; and what recollection he still had of that tragedy warned him: what transpires against one member of a family befalls them all.

The best part is, I received (so far) some very nice feedback. You know, it's always nice to hear something good about my writing, considering I'm still languishing in rejection-letter hell. It gives me hope, and with such a short blurb as the above I'm not really all that vested in it as much as, say, my novel. Pretty fun, Head on over and check it out.

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