Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 Commandments for a Happy Writer by Nathan Bransford

Just ran into this fine list. This is great advice, and my favorite is point two:
2. Maintain your integrity. With frustration comes temptation. It's tempting to try and beat the system, whether that's by having someone else write your query, lying to the people you work with, or, you know, concocting the occasional fake memoir. This may even work in the short term, but unless you are Satan incarnate (and I hope you're not) it will steadily chip away at your happiness and confidence, and your heart will shrivel and blacken into something they show kids in health class to scare them away from smoking. Don't do it.
 In essence: write you. Write what you write. Write who and what you are. Let the chips fall where they may. More solid advice I doubt you will ever find, ever.

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