Thursday, August 25, 2011

Discussion time!

Go on over to Joe Konrath's latest blog post and read it.

Back? So soon? Cool! Ok, so, here's the question--is he right, and if so why; and if not, why?

Personally, I agree with him: e-distribution will eventually be the main and hardbound sales will be the niche that collectors go to for the rarities. Writers deserve more than the 17% they get, I understand marketing, shipping, and all that--but at some point you have to look at the picture and say "No way, baby." That's how Locke got his deal, and they (S&S) folded to that pressure. They WANT the sales. Badly. And if someone wants something that bad...they'll do anything to get it. As a result, Locke "won."

Can this be a repeatable trend? You tell me, I only work here....


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  1. I think the most rights an writing can keep on his book is awesome. Epubbing is starting to look like the way of the future. :)