Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Fast and the Furious movies

I've seen all five now, and there are some serious questions they need to answer, such as--  The character, Han, dies in Tokyo Drift, yet there he is in Fast Five. Ok, so it's a temporal thing. But that begins to break all kinds of other stuff. Don't get me started.

I enjoy the movies, I do, at some primitive shootem' up/drive like the wind level; but I keep hoping there will be something "more" going on, and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that there isn't.

The reason I mention this is this: story. It's all about plot, and following it to the logical ends. The FF people have the barest of plots, and keep throwing more weirdness on the top like so much mulch without really dealing with the underlying base.

For instance: Dom is a car racer/thief. Why? He had, from the hints we get here and there, a good family life. But why did he jump to the thievery? Don't know...nobody knows.

Letty is Dom's girl...how'd they meet? Don't know.

Letty died...or did she? But she's shown living at the end of Fast Five. How's that possible when we pretty much saw her die and there was a funeral. Don't know.

Will Fast Six--or wherever they're going to call it--answer these? I bet, no. Why not? Because they keep making insane amounts of money on the movies. Enough that the production house sees a good thing and doesn't want to ruin/change the formula. So...why answer questions when we can introduce The Rock?

But still, grab the popcorn and turn off your rational thinking. "Relax. It's just a movie." That's what I tell myself. I should take that mentality with my writing, too. After all, it's just a book. No need to get so worked up about it, even if I did write it.

Huh.... Maybe I learned more from these movies than I thought.


  1. LOL I like the ones with Vin Diesel. I haven't seen the other two. I'm curious what will happen in 6. I'll be there suspending my disbelief and hoping to be entertained.

    By the way - Thank you for your comment(s) on the BookEnds blog. http://bookendslitagency.blogspot.com/2011/07/thought-for-day_29.html I appreciated your wisdom and humor. I needed them after today.

  2. Glad you liked the posts (here and over at BookEnds)! I hope what I post--and write--entertains you enough you stick around! :)