Monday, September 26, 2011

Query letters

I just finished the rough run-through on Chapter 23 of MINIMAL, and then when I was pleased (for now--as you know the editing and fixing never ends) I headed over to Absolute Write's forums and took a peeky-poo at the top/new posts. Naturally, there's a query letter posting in there.

It was a good query, if you ask me. I'm not going to relay details, as that's unimportant to what I want to actually talk about.

What I want to blog about today is the fact that all query letters are beginning to all look the same.

They start out with "The <blank descriptive> about <insert character name> is..."

Boring. Utterly boring. I would not be surprised if agents start railing against this model, asking instead for some LIFE in the intro. As soon as I see those cut-n-pasted, uninspired openings I get pretty bored. I know it's functional, it's what you need to do, but dammit! It's dull as hell.


  1. I think it always changes. Right now, functional is key. A couple years ago, rhetorical questions weren't the taboo they are today. We just need to try and keep up. :)

  2. I think, were I an agent, I'd want Different and New rather than "here's the cookie cutter, 30-second query." Maybe that's my biggest problem--I'm just too weird. lol