Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A new short story: They Met Over the Internet

For a while now, I had been a bit afraid to actually post this out of some baloney fear that you all might think me crazed (or some kind of pervert.) I assure you, I am neither; this is just a story that plopped into my head a bit ago. If you like it, that is awesome; and if not, that's OK too. At any rate, here's probably the only bit of erotica I've ever written. Enjoy.

"Ooh!" She sighed and immediately asked, "Will it leave a mark?"

There was a twinkle in her eyes when he held the dark leather strop to her face, forcing her to smell the rich, powerful, luxuriant fragrance that only craftsman-prepared cowhide can muster--that musky, silky, sweaty, dream-like fragrance of such masculine quality that it fills the nostrils and that the mind instinctively knows. The belt had been worn smooth from many years of touch and loving use; and through it could be seen off-center, hand-bored holes of various shape and size: some were round, others square, and a few were in the likeness of stars that a child might playfully cut from strips of construction paper. The thickness of the band held the holes to taught perfection; she liked that, and held in high appreciation the discipline of the design.

As the warm sunlight beamed through decaying window blinds behind the upheld, perforated belt, our blazing star painted zebra-stripe shadows on her tanned and willing body. She knew that for which she came would soon be tasted.

"Yes, it will." 

His voice was deep, strong, confident, powerful, and it brought forth from within her memories of a long-lost father upon which she fixated often.

She harnessed the ball-gag carefully around her head and was nearly prepared for the lingering sting; but her gnashing teeth would need to bite when the time came--a time long needed--and her cries of desire and pain would need to be quieted, and he would not begin unless she was properly outfitted: order must confine the chaos. She took her time pulling the fasteners tight; she knew he wanted this as much as she did, and the anticipation was so rank in the room it could be felt even more than the small droplets of perspiration that formed on his brow. 

When finished with the black-lacquered mouthpiece, she lowered her skirt to the floor, exposing her bare-end flesh for him to see, freeing it from the confines that the laws of man dictate.  Her perfect heart-shaped ass stood stark in the room's morning air. He could see the gleaming of her piercings from where he stood, and the diamond stud twinkled in miniature reflection of the rising sun. He could smell her scent as it permeated the room, and this pleased him. He knew as the power of her musk increased so did the desire that drove it. Never once would he give his gift to the unwilling; and most certainly she was willing, waiting, and wet.

Arching downwards to brace for the impact, she was finally ready, and nodded in the affirmative as she bit down on the rubber ball that was held tight in her teeth. The time had come, and the much desired beating began.

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