Monday, November 21, 2011

ARGH! Or, the tale of the lost query

Ok, so, as you know I'm currently in the middle of a story, and while preparing to get the next chapter on paper, I have been tweaking a query letter, which in my opinion was pretty freaking sweet--making little additions, changes, and alterations here and there. It was working, it was interesting, and showed some pretty good voice.

Then... Gone.

Yep, deleted by accident with no recovery. How or why it was in a particular folder, I have no idea--considering I'm pretty methodical. I guess I simply had a "brain fart," or something. So now I have to rewrite it from scratch. Not nearly as daunting a task as finishing a novel in the first place, but hey, still a pain in the ass!

Note and lesson learned: back up your stuff and make sure you know where it is...then back it up again!

Woe be unto me... Woe! :(

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