Monday, November 28, 2011

The Snowman -- a poem

I wrote this a while ago--nearly a year or so--and I thought I'd trot it out for you today, since I'm in the Christmas spirit and all that. It's not perfect, but then again, nothing is. So, sit back, grab your cocoa (hot, I hope), and enjoy the tale of "The Snowman."
Many of you have heard the tale of Frosty the Snowman,
And of the story they say,
When children accompanied by an old magic hat brought him to life one cold day.
But what you may not know is that on that same eve,
There was another snow man who came to life in much the same way.

The children there,
On that cold winter's morning,
Set out for the day to play,
In the wicked cold--roaring.

They danced and they played in the snow at their feet,
When one decided to stack it 5 feet.

High into the air,
Almost to above their heads,
They packed the dense snow,
And adorned it with threads.

Clothing from home,
And a mitten or two,
Then one found a hat,
That had just blown into view.

Nobody knows from whence it had come.
All they did think was that they were having some fun!
So, onto the head the cap was presented, hooray!
And with magical flare, the movement gave way.

First with a yawn,
And then with a hop,
The snowman stepped forward,
All gasped as they watched,
As the playful new snowman they built stepped forward and dropped.

Down in a bow,
From his waist did he bend,
Like a marionette on a string,
He forwarded courtesy to new friends.

His cap in his hand in a delicate show,
He then played with the children there in the snow!

Long throughout the day,
And into the night,
They all laughed as they danced,
'Til the faintest sunlight.

Then Mother called them all in,
And with an "Aww!" they all cried,
Their friendly little snowman was fit to be tied!

But he knew a great secret,
It was one that he shared,
With the children all there,
And any who would might care.

That with the cold night,
He'd stand still and wait,
For the morning to come 'round,
For the children to come,
And exit their gate.

"No cries, little friends!"
He exclaimed to them saying,
"In the morning I'll come,
And we'll continue our playing!"

The children all smiled,
And waved their good-byes,
The snowman then sniffled,
With tears in his eyes,
For though the night short,
He'd miss them quite dear,
And long for the time,
When the children were near.

For it is from accepting youth,
That life comes,
It's magic!
Not to the old at heart,
And that is quite tragic!

So, when you are out, in the snow just today,
Play a little longer,
And maybe this day,
Is the one you will find a little magical hat,
Then you'll have a new friend, too,
And how about that!

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