Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Copyedits galore! (& other things)...and here I get mushy

Now I get to go through my manuscript ONE MORE TIME--what is this, like the fiftieth or something?

Anyway, this is to make sure it's ship shape and Bristol fashion for e-publication. I'm about four chapters in and so far so good. I hope to have this done by the end of the week--even sooner would be better. We'll see how it goes.

But every time I read it, each and every time, I remain a little bit impressed that I actually wrote something this size. Seriously! I didn't think it possible...but there it is, sitting on my desk. I mean, wow. Really?

Yeah, really. Wow.

For those of you out there who say "Man, I'll never finish!" I say this: yes you will. You need to finish. Not just for you, but for your characters, for the community of novelists at-large, and for the future. You could be, right now, be straining away on the next novel that will be compared to Twain or Poe. You could be "that guy."

And I hope you are. I really do.

Getting Memories of the Dead even half this far was a battle. Sure, none of the agents or agencies I queried or otherwise contacted wanted it, but I still have hope that a reader will enjoy the story. That's why I do this. Not for "fame and glory," but for the simple fact that I had a tale to tell, and I told it--well, the first part anyway--and soon enough other people on a grander scale than I can imagine will be able to read it, comment upon it, and make it their own. And maybe, just maybe, they'll like it just as much as I do. That's my vain hope.

Along the way, I learned a lot of stuff: some of it brilliant, some of it was shit, but it was all still learning. That's a good thing. I even learned what the price of my e-book will be. ($2.99) So, when I ask myself, "Was this worth it?" I get to answer back, "Yes, yes it was."

Be on the look out here (and at my Twitter) for the announcement that the book is ready to boogie to your e-reader of choice. I hope, dear friends and readers, that when that day comes you will grace me with the honor of a purchase and download. And that, when you read it, you will find within it's virtual pages something of value; and that you'll tell your friends, who in turn will give it a whirl as well. In this way, you become part of the story as well; for as we all know, the contents of a good story are not confined by the cover, but by the imagination of the reader.

Gentlemen, you are my protagonist; Ladies, you are my heroine. Each and every one of you are that epic person about whom I write. Inside their faces you find your own. You're the story, I only borrowed it for a time, and soon I shall return it to you, unscathed and better for the treatment, I hope.

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