Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The cover

I received actually a couple of replies from folks, so here's a scaled-down version of the cover.

From the left, you will see the back cover, in the middle is naturally the location of the spine, and as your eyes travel right you encounter the dreaded front cover.

Comments? Concerns? Questions?

This is for a "US Trade" sized cover, 6 inches by 9 inches in size. Like I said, this one is lower quality and scaled from the original. Enjoy! (I also must point out, in print, that this is my cover. You may not steal it. Even though the elements in use are mostly public-domain art, they have been modified by me expressly for this purpose.)

Oh, and the white rectangle on the back cover is for the ISBN code/pricing's not a flaw.


  1. Very creepy--and I like the font you used for the title/blurb.

  2. The artwork, font, and even the software I used to put it all together is either public-domain or free to use. Cheap is my favorite price. :)