Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So....who wants to see my cover design?

In the event that TOR/Forge passes on my manuscript (and there's a great chance that they will, all things being equal and all that), I had been working on a cover in addition to the formatting "innards" of the book. All the final design elements are there, and it's a big file: the front cover, back cover, and spine, are all full color; so I won't post it unless you want to see it. I, for one, like it a lot, but I'm the creator, so I'm prejudiced toward it, as can only be expected.

The thing is, if TOR picks up the book, the whole process of making the cover is out the window (I made it for the self-publish/e-published version, obviously); but hey, it's still a learning process, no? And I gain some small measure of insight into how arduous it is to get design you're happy with to actually work for you. (So it's not a total loss.)

So...wanna see?

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