Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Those damn edits

Just finished going over things and next up is to alter the "master" document to reflect the fixes. Most of them are utterly cosmetic--and one spelling error.

Ok, seriously, how does a misspelling of "home" (printed as "hom") make it past no less than a dozen spell checks? (Electronic and manual!)

Oh well, soon it will be fixed, finalized, and off to the races...right?

No. Still more yet to do. Always. But soon enough I will be able to make an announcement about the availability of the e-book. Keep paying attention's coming. Honest! :)


  1. I often wonder how word processors manage to overlook details like that--they seem so obvious. :P

    Good luck with your editing!

  2. Nevermind the word processor...I missed it too, apparently!