Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Voices up, people, to stop SOPA/PIPA

This simple black banner, just a square, really, is all that will be left of the Internet as we know it if SOPA/PIPA are to be allowed to become the law of the land. Just by linking to an external website, innocuously, you could, under SOPA and PIPA, be a felon. Freedom of speech is at risk. Our nation, long a bastion of liberty, has over time become a Corporate state--run by and for the special interests. This is their extending claws, grasping for reach into the thoughts and minds of others. It is unconscionable at the least, and evil in the extreme.

Think those of you who live overseas won't be touched by this black legislation? You're wrong. Even now, there is a British citizen being extradited to the USA. He didn't break UK law. He didn't host files. All he did was point out that files existed, and (acting in a way very similar to Google and Yahoo) simply pointed where they might lie.

But the corporations don't like that; and, being the penny-pinching, evil-doers that they are, they demanded the US DOJ get that kid and bring him here for trial. And so here he will come. It's time to stand up. Corporations are not people, and the rights they have are really privileges we allow them to exercise; and it's time that we say "enough is enough."

Contact your Congressperson. Tell them their support for SOPA and PIPA is wrong, and if they continue they have lost your vote forever. They will take the company money, like a whore; but it is we, the people, that will be bent over and forced to take it. They sold us out, let's show them the force of voice, unified.

Say NO to SOPA and PIPA. Say YES to a free and open Internet.


  1. There are so many reasons to fight SOPA, not the least of which is that it'll destroy the internet. Good post, Phil, more people need to get up in arms about this.

  2. Thanks, Bethany! It's clear that the government doesn't understand how the Internet works and are in the pockets of the special interest groups. We need a second revolution, starting at the ballot box.