Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Censorship and Smashwords

I'm not what you'd call a successful writer, but what I am is a person who does some writing. And I'll be damned straight to Hell if I would let some measly company that ought to be minding its own damn business tell me what I can and cannot write. I bet you're in the same boat and share the same opinion.

But here comes PayPal issuing a smackdown on Smashwords. That's the big issue here today. [Amazingly, no  issuance against necrophilia...maybe PayPal likes that?] And it sort of pissed me off, even though I don't write erotica or dabble in any of those arcane arts.

Then came a slight modification,  but that still doesn't give PayPal the right--IN ANY WAY--to tell authors what they can and cannot write or self-publish. Look, they don't like it, ok, I get that; but to say "We'll withhold your money from you because we don't like it" is extortion. Screw that.

But yet Smashwords still chooses to cave in to PayPal's puritan policy. And that is utter shit. No, I don't like it. No, there's nothing I can do about it.... Except one: I will not be using Smashwords or PayPal in the future. My thoughts are my own, I should not be forced to accept another persons point of view on any given topic out of some misguided fear of loss of potential revenue. Threats be damned.

Screw you, PayPal. And screw you, Smashwords, for not standing up to PayPal in the first place. You should have told them to go fuck themselves. You didn't. You are just to blame for the bullies winning.

I urge everyone to contact Smashwords and make it clear that that's unacceptable in the extreme. Me, since I don't use them currently, I won't use them in the future. That's my line in the sand.

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