Friday, May 25, 2012

New story idea...take a look...

This idea hit me just a bit ago, I had to write it down. This is all unedited stuff...very rough...but I hope you find it a little bit interesting. Maybe there's something here to work on.

They wanted to bring the world to the brink and they succeeded.

Those bastard terrorists--and nobody knows exactly why they chose this specific method--managed to bring the world to its knees. That long-time goal of the "oppressed" and fanatical had finally been achieved. The prisons were at the maximum already--then this bomb, virus, or whatever the hell you call it hit; and it blew all society to pieces. Soon, there wasn't any place anyone could go to escape the effects. We know it was a terror cell that started the mess because they alone produced credible evidence that they were behind it. Even when all of them were either in military "protective custody" or dead no other explanation could be found. They were truly responsible for the nightmare that would come--and the world was powerless to do anything about it.

The first real negative effects showed themselves early, within decades food shortages, water shortages, living space shortages--everything was in very tight supply, rationing was commonplace; governments, or what was left of the governments, had to step in...with harsher and harsher methods for control. Crime was rampant because people have needs that weren't being met so they took matters into their own hands. Getting caught didn't matter, jail sentences can only be so harsh, and were a drain of resources anyway, which made the government's situation even worse, if that was possible.

Eventually, laws were passed that granted summary execution powers to the police and military. It was thought that would be a deterrent as well as reduce the excess population. But it didn't really matter what you did, or how much you had, or how much the government thought it was in power, or how many they felt needed to be put down like rabid dogs. It could never be enough; the problem was just that big. There were just too many needy people. Every country was flooded with them, and some--foolishly--were still taking in refugees! As if that would make things any easier.

How stupid of them in Washington to think they were still in command when their own populace was suffering en masse. Three hundred and ninety million Americans, the entire population, was infected. Every last person. Each of them from age eleven on up needed everything.

Things were bad before, when it was hard enough to get by in one lifetime just affording food, clothes, maybe a kid or two in tow...

Now imagine the horror of that compounded over dozens of lifetimes.

It all happened on, of all days, August 13, 2021, which the old calendars tell us, is a Friday. Friday the Thirteenth, a cursed day if ever there was one, took on a new tone of horror. The first reports were in L.A., where the very aged seemed to stop being on the brink of passing. It didn't take long for the "Fountain of Youth," as it was first called, to be considered a blessing; but that was also the curse. Meanwhile, people were doing what people always do: they were having children, and that was the biggest problem of all.

Quickly...whatever it spread. Nowhere was untouched, and nobody was immune: if you were past puberty, you simply stopped aging.

That doesn't sound bad in-and-of itself, but because people wouldn't control themselves--they kept on having children--and the children themselves started having kids of their own when they reached puberty, the population of the earth quickly doubled. Then it doubled again. The religions of the world were partly to blame: their long-standing policies, however divinely inspired, against birth control methods brought the already stretched resources of the world to the point where it all simply collapsed.

On my block alone there are fifty kids, all just past puberty, who are now just as old as I was when it all started. I was fifty when I got infected. They're all that age now, just in younger bodies. They'll be that age forever, just like me.

Physically, I'm fifty years old. I was born in 1971, and the calendar on my one-room apartment wall tells me that today is Tuesday, April 1, 2200. My chronological age is two-hundred and twenty nine. It's also a special day: happy birthday to me.

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