Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where am I?

It's been a while since I updated my status on my current work-in-progress, MINIMAL, so I thought I'd just give a little status update. Currently, the work is at approximately 53000 words, in 28 chapters. It's not complete by any means, and really, it's still in "pre-alpha" state...not ready for any large level of consumption. As it stands, only a handful of folks get to see the whole thing as it is--so, no, don't ask (yet.) In the future, when the first draft is done, and before I begin the arduous process of editing with a weed-eater, I will put out the call to arms for some "beta readers," as they're called. That's when a few of you fine folks will get your hands on it for real. Until then, it's sort of all up in the air. I'm one of those dudes that works on one thing at a time--no multitasking here--so there isn't another story going on in my writing life at the moment. I want to get MINIMAL done before moving on to the next tale. I'm wacky like that.

For anyone who forgot, here's what the book is about: There's a nutcase who kidnaps people and operates on them--driving toward some insane goal. A police task-force has been deployed to see if they can grab him before he dumps another massacred body on some unsuspecting street or park. Or, to use part of my sort-of query:

The victims were numbered: One, Two, and Four. Three and Five are unknown; and Six was just taken.
See, he numbers his victims, using dog-tags. And that's why the newspapers named him The Count. I can only hope that when massive editing and re-write time comes, the whole thing makes sense and can be whittled down to something tight and perhaps tense. We'll just have to see.

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