Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Siren's Song: a poem

Upon a bed of roses her body lay

T'would have been a lovely scene

Were it not for the loss today

She'd appear almost serene

She died victim of a broken heart

From loss of love so far away

Lover's loss overturned her apple cart

And lost herself along the way

His wounds shackled him to time and place

Hers inflicted on herself

He fell wearing a soldier's face

She took the poison off the shelf

Returning home resolute

Flag draped with honor guard

Slow moving march and grand salute

To continue on far too hard

In the hours burning bright

Cries and tears echo strong

None could keep her from the night

Or from departed's siren song

Churning inside starts to rend

Emptiness, cold, and darkness follow

Nor does the inner torment end

Deep inside she's rendered hollow

So from the bottle she does take

As he lay inside a grave

She drifts away and did solemn make

The chosen road they both did pave


  1. It was beautifully written! It made me shed a tear or two. I understand how she felt and how empty her life must have been once she had a chance to take it all in. Love can be very depressing and empty when you lose the one you love the most.

  2. Love this. Really, very powerful on many levels.