Friday, June 15, 2012

A small poem: Wind Through The Trees

God is blind and thus cannot discern,

The intensities we share or our hearts as they burn,

We labor, we pain, we suffer...we grow,

We learn, we love, we hate...we know,

But He, high above us, takes no notice of our passing,

Indifferent to even the great, His sympathy is lacking,

Evil abounds! Yet silent, does nothing,

Hatred blooms! While we're off praying for something,

Silence in the heavens and in the Earth below,

Gives pause for man to rethink Him as the star of the show,

So I reject the notion, and its powerful commotion,

No heaven, no Hell: Only Earth is my token,

Do good, do not hate, live life, love, then perish,

These are the only commandments I cherish,

But if there's a God, He'll reward my good deeds,

If not, I'll be gone, like the wind through the trees.


  1. I loved it! I got a true sense of what you were feeling. I hope more people read it and like it as much as I did.