Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Happy 4th & a "simple" wish

Today, we Americans celebrate our independence -- 236 years worth -- and we must use this opportunity to reflect upon where we came from and to where we must go. We should remember those that built this fine nation: veterans, the Founding Fathers, our great allies, and those that came here with nothing but a simple dream in their hearts. This nation is great because of the people that make up the populace, make no mistake.

Yet, our nation's work is not done -- nor shall it ever -- for we have much that needs doing. This is the wonderful struggle in which we are fortunate enough to have been chosen to participate. We can make this nation -- and our world -- a far better place if only we enact the will do do so.

We can eliminate hunger, homelessness, many diseases, and tyranny. These things we must do. We must bring an end to war and hate. We must, with every fiber of our being, become the noble people that we ought to have been all along. But these challenges are not for us alone, no; we will need our friends and allies from around the world to accomplish these grand goals. And the only way we can do it is if we simply ask for the assistance we need, with humility, and say "Let us bring an end to these sufferings."

For all mankind.

So, as we celebrate around the world -- and indeed it is ok to do so -- all I ask is that in the new year we begin let us now work to end those evils still at play in the world -- each of us in our own ways -- so that the world we leave our children is more free, better, stronger, and more golden than the one we received.

Happy Independence Day, America!

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