Monday, July 23, 2012

I cannot do it without you

I cannot do it without you

I can only be so many places at one time. That number is, amazingly, one. Additionally, I can only "reach" so many folks with my blog ( or through my Facebook page ( in order to reach out to those who might find my book interesting, fun, creepy, or whatever.

Which is why I need you: You're more than friends, you're more than contacts, you are even more than just people who may or may not have read my book -- and whatever your opinion of it might be, you are, in a strange way that you might not have anticipated, an advocate for me and my writing.

If you liked "Memories of the Dead," you're likely to tell others; and if you didn't like it as much as you perhaps hoped, you could find yourself in passing the book on to someone you think might appreciate it more than you did.

That's advocacy. That's being a multitude of my voice -- you literally are the ones who are showing people my work. You are the ones that tell others about it because my book is not in your regular, brick and mortar, bookstore. Yes, it's available for Kindle, Nook, and in print via Amazon, but even these electronic distribution channels are nowhere near as incredible, living, and "with it" as a live human who says "Read this."

So I am asking you to continue on -- be my voice. Help me get the word out about "Memories of the Dead." Help independent authors reach those that are not normally reachable.

If you like what I wrote, and think others may as well, please point them in my direction here, or to Amazon, or to B&N's PubIt! page. Every little bit helps.

You might think, "Gee, isn't that request just a little bit pathetic?"

No, not really. Word of mouth advertising is still king of the world; additionally, who better to vouch for the book than those that have read it and thought it was worthwhile? The author, yes; but like I said -- I can only be in so many places at once.

Which is why I need, and cannot do without, you.

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