Thursday, December 20, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction – Vision

The Five Sentence Fiction is a simple idea:
Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.
This week, Lillie chose the word "Vision," and I make with the prompt something inspired by the current weather.


Shock white everywhere!

The sun in the sky, blinding.

Below, the snow is a mirror's surface.

No bearings, can't open eyes from searing pain.

I have seen death's door, and it is painted ivory.


  1. Brrr-- I can feel the MC's pain! Great descriptions. Makes me think s/he's been trapped after an avalanche or something of the like-- and is a bit disoriented taking in their surroundings. Not to mention, I'm in MinneSNOWta and it's a frozen tundra around here! BRR!

    1. Iowa here....Not as bad as you got hit with snowmageddon, but it's coming tonight...or so they say... Stay Warm Azia! Thanks for the compliments. If I'm ever up your way, I'll be sure to say "hi!" :)

  2. First visit to your blog...very interesting piece...
    enjoy the post, tho it sounded like the days when I lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin...I'm on the predicted rain coast of Maine.
    Stay safe in the storm I just heard about on the news

    1. Welcome! Glad you liked it. Hope you'll return from time to time. :)

  3. First snow of the season here in SE MI. Forecast is for 1-3 inches. Cloudy and very windy.

    Your protagonist is snow blind. Hope He's not driving.


  4. Wow, that last sentence did a wonderful job of tying everything together, and it is a beautiful image. Great writing!