Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Requesting input on a cover-design

I'm collecting input on my proposed cover-design for "MINIMAL." Let me know what you think. Does it "pop"? Does it grab you? Are you interested in what's going on? All input is welcome.


  1. I do like the red on black. When I see this I think the book is about a bloody, violent murder with lots of chopping and slicing and such, and I’m wondering what the word “minimal” has to do with it. If that’s what you’re looking for, then that should work.

    I also think the minimalist approach to the cover ties in with the theme.

    My only concern is with the second “I” and “M. There seems to be a bit too much blood splatter and it was a little difficult to read clearly. Some of that is due to my eyes not being as good as they used to be, so it may not be a valid criticism.

    On a psychological level, when I first glanced at the cover, my mind registered “ANIMAL” – but it did get my attention. Or maybe that's the "psycho" level...

    Overall, I think it works.

    1. Thanks, K.R. All input is appreciated at this stage. Right now, this is a mock-up, and not a final design unless it really seems to strike home with a lot of folks.

  2. You're a fabulous systems deprogrammer? You're a fabulous punkUationalist, too. Meet me in Heaven, dude. We gotta lotta tok 'bout. God bless you.