Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MINIMAL Beta input and other madness

Having received the beta input from MINIMAL, I can safely say that the book is not in as crappy a condition as I had feared. This is good. But there are some needed edits to take place--most of those are of a grammatical or spelling sort. There was one boo-boo where I mistakenly used the wrong gender pronoun, which was odd that I didn't catch that. Regardless, looks like soon I will be entering the "fix it up" phase. Shouldn't take too long...I hope!

One thing that more than one of the beta readers mentioned was the word "Nitrile." They weren't keen on the word being capitalized; but if you do a quick check you will see that it's capitalized every time it's used when referencing the type of exam gloves that doctors use. This, I think, is because it was once, or may be currently, a brand-name product. So, when you see it, kindly do not point it out...I know. ;)

The feedback, in general, is positive. Which is always nice. Not one person said that the idea sucked, which is also nice. Since this was a major departure from "Memories of the Dead," I figured that it might end up being harder to pull off than it was. Still a long way to go, but we'll get there.

Forward thinking: One thing I'd like to point out is pricing. When the book is available, the e-copy will be $2.99 (USD). This will convert to every currency in use. I won't set anything weird by location. I feel that, as an indie author, that price isn't insane, it's affordable, and it doesn't go into the area of "You're price-gouging." Some indie authors charge even more--some up to $8 a copy--and I think that's a little too high, considering that the print edition of the same book is only marginally more expensive. Maybe I'm crazy, but the e-copy should be, in my mind, at least, significantly cheaper than the paper edition.

I'd like to thank the beta readers for their effort in making MINIMAL better. I hope it meets with approval of all readers.

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