Monday, September 30, 2013

Public Domain

There's been some hullabaloo about Sherlock Holmes and the if it is in the Public Domain, as of late. Now, I cannot speak for the Doyle estate, nor anyone other than myself, but I can tell you that I have plans for what happens to my writing into the far flung future. So, as to prevent such nonsense surrounding myself (or my heirs) in the future, I happily have prepared the following note:

In the event that no will or trust should come into future existence that is dutifully notarized and signed by me, I do hereby make the following statement as a legally binding document until such time as I, personally, should choose to alter it in subsequent documents.
I, Phillip R. Hall, the sole owner and creator of my various works in print, either on paper or in electronic form, do hereby declare that on the date of April 17, 2089, at noon Central USA time, all my literary estate (hereinafter referred to as “estate”) created prior to that date and time shall forever more be placed into the Public Domain; and at that time, I shall willfully relinquish any and all copyright and claim to said estate. Furthermore, I do hereby deny the right of any of my heirs or relatives, or any person or group of any sort, to make claim in my name to prevent the estate from entering into the Public Domain.
It is to the above I pledge and do grant this document to be posted, this day, Monday, the 30th of September, 2013.
Now, obviously, this can only apply to my self-published works, as any traditional publisher would likely have a cow (to say the least) if I tried this on material they publish--they are, after all, the publisher, and they can't have authors go willy-nilly on them or they'd be out of business quicker than you can blink.

So, there you have it. On my 120th birthday, everything I self-publish goes Public Domain. Happy (very early) Birthday to me.

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