Monday, October 21, 2013

(Final?) MINIMAL update

If all goes as planned--and as you know, things rarely do--then the next posting you hear from me about MINIMAL will be that it's available for sale at It's been a looooong hard road to get this far, far longer than it probably should have been, and the early readers are getting back to me soon (or should be) with their final updates. After that, I will be reading the novel once more, myself, and making the necessary edits to fix the last of the boo-boos... Then out the door she will fly! (At least, it is hoped.)

More than a year of writing, editing, polishing, thinking, gnashing of teeth and self-loathing have gotten me this far, and I hope that the end results meets with some sort of success. I have hopes for it, so here's to hope!

For those of you following this far, thank you. Soon enough, I will be making the book available, and it will be (most likely) an only release. I cannot justify the extra time to release on Kobo and anymore considering that the Nook can install the Kindle app from the Google play store, and it works just fine. One stop, one location, one purchase. Works for me. (Plus, my first book sold a whopping one copy on BN and Kobo...combined.) You can see, you have to put the effort where the effort is worthy.

There will be two versions of MINIMAL available, print and ebook, and the first out the door will be the ebook version, with print soon to follow thereafter. As of right now, the purchase price of the ebook version will be $2.99. I don't plan on changing that at all. The price of the print edition will greatly depend on what it costs to produce...I'll update when I know more. The print version will be about 300 pages, depending on the size that could go up or down. It's a short novel, ripping in at ~55000 words. Most people will be able to breeze through it in a couple of days, at the most.

I'd like to thank you all for your support in getting me this far. You're all awesome folks. Once MINIMAL is out the door, it will be onto my next adventure! Be sure to hang around for the fun! :)

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