Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Memories of the Dead" -- Whence Cometh Vampires?

From the East, ever and always East
Begin those nightmares found
And there you find their hidden lair
Beyond the highest mount

Glory found in ever-last waters
From where the legends toil
But discord came with lightning power
As lecherous blood did boil

The water, cold, healed all man’s wound
Begins a strife as two did spar
A man did drown in that sacred place
But quickly rose with power

He swiftly slew his enemy
Deeply drank did he the blood
Who rose then, too, as master did
While the fountain turned to mud

Now cursed with undead horde
Who in their want did slay
All those there that came from afar to heal
Their lifes-blood drained away

Around the fountain they did raise
A castle, keep, and spire
That citadel of evil still remains
The birthplace of vampires

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